(This page is used to keep track of my modifications to the website. -RETed)

12/26/2015 Added Power Window Rebuild How-To under Tech | How-To
04/22/2007 Added Rebuild Tech section under Tech
07/16/2005 Added Battery Relocation How-To under Tech | How-To
01/28/2005 Added Drifting section under Tech
10/18/2004 Finally added Problems #1, Symptoms section - not totally complete
09/10/2004 Added Tips 'N Tricks page in TECH
09/09/2004 Added Hall of Failues in TECH
Added K2RD race car in HOF section
09/03/2004 Added Track Prep page in TECH
08/29/2004 Added Overboost Fuel-Cut / FCD page in TECH | FAQ
08/26/2004 Added Basic Tune-Up page in TECH | FAQ
07/13/2004 Added Sky's FC3S 20B in Projects
06/16/2004 Added Break-In Procedure page in TECH | FAQ
02/24/2004 Readded Zenki turbo wastegate porting page and moved to How-To
Fixed all bad links associtated with the page above
02/23/2004 FINALLY added wrenches section for HOW-TO pages
Added link from HOW-TO main to EGT/twin-scroll removal page
10/23/2003 Added PROJECTS section
Added Donations page
09/25/2003 Started to recover the original website
02/20/2003 Added Cosmo 13B-RE engine swap page to Engine Swaps section
02/18/2003 Created new Engine Swaps section and moved 20B/13B-REW info here
01/16/2003 Added "13B-REW swap" page in TECH | FAQ
12/24/2002 Added "How To Buy" page in TECH
12/06/2002 Resurrected old Aftermarket Part Listing in TECH
06/09/2002 Added Redline Oils page in Tech section
04/21/2002 Added Porting page in Tech section
03/14/2002 Added Turbo Turbine Porting section in HOW-TOs
Added Turbo Turbine Wheel Clipping section in TECH | Mods | Turbo
Added nice pics of fuel rail systems in TECH | MODS | Fuel | FPR section
03/14/2002 Added and Link "From Mild to Wild" section in TECH
FM2W engine/power section added
FM2W suspension section added
03/08/2002 Added twin-scroll removal and GReddy EGT probe write-up in TECH -> HOW TOs
Redid Throttle Body Mods write-up, TECH->HOW TOs->Throttle Body Mod
03/07/2002 Finished Fuel/Ignition sections in new Electronics section in Mods
03/06/2002 Added several new section in Mods (FMIC, BOV, Interior Accessories)
Added Electronics sub-section in Mods (Fuel Computers, Gauges)
03/02/2002 Added links to Weights page to Sitemap and Tech, Main
Mirrored Tal Dayan Wiper Switch Fix in How-To's
02/28/2002 Rearranged Mods section a little
Added Drivetrain section in Mods
Redid Full Turbo article in Mods
02/23/2002 Started work on FAQ section - added FAQ main and 3800 RPM
Fixed links for Problems Main -> Problems #2
Fixed links for bushings, other and bushings, DTSS on Mods page
02/22/2002 Intro and Main pages added and linked
Intermediate pages added and linked to all Tech Sections
Site Map added and linked
Background, Website History, Links added and linked
FC3S Turbo Registry linked to Main
02/21/2002 Tech/Mods completed and linked
Problems#2 info uploaded but not complete
02/20/2002 Started uploading files to website

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