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    Our standard shop labor rate is $60/hour.
    Description Price
    Haltech Installation
    Flying lead or terminated harness
    Labor only
    All Haltech parts and sensors must be supplied by customer
    Starting at $1000.00
    Initial Haltech Tuning
    Requires EGT gauge and Air/Fuel Ratio gauge
    Wide-band not necessary
    Inital tuning of Haltech system after installation
    Haltech will be tuned for street driveability
    All tuning to be done on the street
    Starting at $800.00
    Haltech Race Tuning
    Labor charges for race car tuning
    Haltech Trackside Assistance
    Labor charges for trackside tech support
    Our standard shop labor rate is $60/hour.

    Any other Haltech services, please don't hesistate to ask!

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