Hall of Failures
Failed Atkins apex seal
Failure probably due to combination of too lean AFR's and sharp exhaust port edge.
Softer apex seal metal does not crack / shatter like stock Mazda.

FC3S non-turbo sheared eccentric shaft
Eccentric shaft sheared between front stationary gear and front rotor.
Front eccentric shaft piece still fused to front stationary gear (bearing).
Past history of engine unknown.
Failure probably caused by drastic loss of oil pressure.
FC3S non-turbo 6-port front housing burned
Same motor with the sheared eccentric shaft above.
Notice black, dark spots on housing surface.
These are localized overheated areas of steel.
FC3S non-turbo spun rotor bearings
Same motor with sheared eccentric shaft and burned front housing as above.
Silver bearing coating has worn away and copper underlying base is exposed.
Typical water jacket groove failure
Inner water jacket groove failure and o-ring compromised.
Failure probably caused by overheating.
Rest of inner water jacket o-ring in bad shape.

FC3S non-turbo froze - no coolant to prevent freezing
Center housing cracked due to freezing water.
No anti-freeze coolant used!
Rear housing popped two freeze plugs.

Front thrust bearing failure
This is what happens when the front thrust bearing slips.
This is probably due to removing the front eccentric shaft bolt without proper precautions.
This failure causes the thrust bearing to slip and siezes all the parts.
Eccentric shaft siezes and tries to punch out the front cover.
Front thrust plate is cracked due to eccentric shaft.
Dark, black spots on thrust plate due to lack of oil lubrication.
Engine probably lost oil pressure on failure.
Mazdatrix page on bearing slip:
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