Least miles/kms on chassis listed:  17,100 miles - Michael Lindsey - 1988 (10th) - Indianapolis, IN USA (6/04)
Most miles/kms on chassis listed:  260,000 miles - Matt Hamilton - 1987 - Farmington, NY USA
Oldest 1988 10th Anniversary North America VIN serial listed:  #621815 - Dave Haikes - Scranton, PA USA
Latest 1988 10th Anniversary North America VIN serial listed:  #624078 - Jarrett May - Tucson, AZ USA
Total of 1988 10th Anniversary North America models listed:  64
Oldest North America VIN serial (last 6 digits of VIN) listed:  #106293 - Chad Morrison - Palm Bay, FL USA
Latest North America VIN serial (last 6 digits of VIN) listed:  #906787 - Albert Li - Richmond, BC Canada
Total of FC3S listed:  228
Vehicles are listed by the last six digits of your VIN, numerically, in ascending order.
First 1987 Turbo II made in the U.S.:  JM1FC332H0130378

VIN Owner City State Country Year Build
Color< Mileage (dated) Notes
Although never officially imported as an '86 model, the "G" VIN makes it an official 1986 model by Mazda U.S. VIN standards.
Mazda officially imported the Turbo II model into the U.S. starting in 1987.
FC3S-102477 Iwan Munich Bavaria GER 1985 11/9/85 Arctic Silver 97K kms 8/05
   (OD replaced)
Microtech LT8S
FC1031-100397 Nathan Deller Sydney NSW AUS 1986 12/85 Satin Gold (1A) 192K kms 7/02  
  Matt T Perth Western
AUS 1986 1/86 White 99K kms 10/02 Too much to list
JM1FC3318G0106293 Chad Morrison Palm Bay FL USA 1986   Black 179K miles 3/01  
JM1FC3320G0522736 Roy Whitlock Charlottesville VA USA 1986 11/86 Red 78K miles 7/99  
FC1031-101059 Scott Robinson Newcastle NSW AUS   07/86 White   Series IV
JM1FC3326H0134202 Sean Ali Mississsauga Ontario CAN 1987   Silver 142K kms 9/99 T78 + Haltech
JM1FC3325H0134496 Seve Bertolone Brandon MI USA 1987 02/86 Red 165K miles 11/02  
JM1FC3327H0134922 Totalled
(Stephen Glauser)
Saskatoon Saskatchewan CAN 1987 03/86 White 220K kms 01/06 Engine fire
JM1FC3322H0136187 Rob Scubelek Indianapolis IN USA 1987   White 144K miles 12/05 Rebuild on the way
JM1FC3324H0136322 Tom Jorno Sarasota FL USA 1987 03/86 Black 40K miles 07/18 One family car
JM1FC3322H0136707 Joseph Bennett Colorado Springs CO USA 1987   Red 70K miles 8/04  
JM1FC3327H0136735 Jeff Seattle WA USA 1987 03/86 Red/Maroon 174K miles 8/02  
JM1FC3320H0136785 Carmon Colvin Birmingham AL USA 1987 03/86 Red 111K miles 3/01 Parted out and junked 3/01
JM1FC3322H0136982 Blake P. Cypress CA USA 1987 03/86 Maroon 207K miles 5/09  
JM1FC3324H0137115 Wreck
(Dale Clark)
Pensacola FL USA 1987 03/86 Blue   engine fire
JM1FC3324H0137308 Matt Hamilton Farmington NY USA 1987 03/86 Satin Gold 260K miles 5/04  
JM1FC3321H0138822 Jim Veillette Farmington Hills MI USA 1987 03/86 Arctic silver 96K miles 7/02 J-Spec Engine
JM1FC3320H0139590 Wendell Yamada Honolulu HI USA 1987 12/86 Candy red 118.6K miles 9/99  
JM1FC3323H0140393 Breadon Barnett   Ontario CAN 1987   Red 158.2K kms 1/11  
JM1FC3328H0140485 Curtis LaMasters San Diego CA USA 1987   Blue 56.5K miles 7/05 Not running - J-Spec soon
JM1FC332XH0141783 Lesly Fontaine Jr. Brooklyn NY USA 1987   Black 158K miles 8/02 2nd motor
JM1FC3323H0142953 Justin Ross Sacramento CA USA 1987 04/86 Red 140K miles 7/09 Evil Genius Racing
JM1FC3329H0143413 Ed Wiedmann Ames IA USA 1987 04/86 BASF Colorshift 122K miles 8/02  
JM1FC3326H0144308 Chuck McMillion Decatur IN USA 1987 04/86 Vintage Red 86K miles 11/99  
144450  Ron Fields Wayne MI USA 1987 04/86 Gunsmoke Grey 117.7K miles 4/02  
JM1FC3327H0144768 Chris Wright Houston TX USA 1987 04/86 Silver 120K miles 3/05 Soon to be yellow
JM1FC3322H0144970 Kevin Landers Morristown TN USA 1987   Black 1136K miles 4/02 Rotary Resurrection
JM1FC3321H0145513 Jeff Dale Gilroy CA USA 1987   Silver 119K miles 8/99 Original motor
JM1FC3321H0151182 Randy Ray Denver CO USA 1987 05/86 Silver 65K miles 8/99  
JM1FC3328H0151535 Ted Koseki Honolulu HI USA 1987   Blue (5A) 120K miles 7/06 Haltech E8
JM1FC332XH0152699 Stephen DaSilva Wilmington NC USA 1987 06/86 White 119K miles 7/99 Currently blown motor 7/99
  Scott Smith Rapid City SD USA 1987 06/86 Red 117K miles 5/02  
  Chris Greene Tampa FL USA 1987 06/86 Silver 104K miles 4/02  
JM1FC332XH0153786 Mark Smith Brick NJ USA 1987 06/86 Gray 108.5K miles 4/02  
JM1FC332XH0154131 Isaac Long Eugene OR USA 1987 06/86 Pure Red 84.2K miles 3/08  
JM1FC3326H0154191 Sylvain Niles San Francisco CA USA 1987   Black 49K miles 10/99 T04 comp turbo upgrade
JMIFC3329H0154329 Irv/Keith Goodman Lawrenceville GA USA 1987 06/86 Black 121K miles 4/02  
JM1FC3325H0155543 Forrest Royder Nacogdoches TX USA 1987 06/86 Brilliant Black 109K miles 7/99  
JM1FC3320H0157247 Henrik Christensen Vancouver BC CAN 1987   Blue (5A) 145K miles 3/02 Original motor/turbo
JM1FC3329H0157263 Steven Fooshee Panama City FL USA 1987 06/86 White 116K miles 7/99 Original motor
JM1FC332XH0158308 Adam Puckett Springfield IL USA 1987 06/86 Red 90K miles 4/02 Under construction
JM1FC3328H0158582 Alex Williamson Fort Wayne IN USA 1987 06/86 Black 78K miles 8/99 Back from engine fire
JM1FC3320H0500820 Paul Ko Sacramento CA USA 1987 06/86 Yellow 166K miles 4/00 13B-REW + Haltech
  Drew Campbell Houston TX USA 1987 06/86 Red 67K miles 8/02  
  Steve Chaddock Everett WA USA 1987 06/86 Black 121K miles 1/04 Original engine
JM1FC3325H0501249 Shaun Bullard Wilmington NC USA 1987   Black 122K miles 8/99 Original motor
JM1FC3322H0502066 James D. Eberhart Leesburg GA USA 1987 07/86 Yellow 188.1K miles 2/06 Putting motor back in
JM1FC3326H0502457 David Williams Austin TX USA 1987 07/86 Red 130K miles 7/05  
JM1FC3324H0502960 Mark Perez National City CA USA 1987 07/86 Blue 122K miles 11/04 100% stock
JM1FC3324H0503851 Jacob Jewell Albuquerque NM USA 1987 07/86 White 103K miles 05/10  
  Dan Davis Morongo Valley CA USA 1987 07/86 Black 144.4K miles 7/02 Stock Kouki turbo swap
JM1FC3322H0504934 Wreck
(Scott Neville)
St. Petersburg FL USA 1987   Red 117.6K miles 2/00 Going to Cophers U-Pullit
JM1FC3327H0505318 Everett Kamlley Union City CA USA 1987 07/86 Brilliant Black 214K miles 10/99 J-Spec motor
JM1FC3328H0506137 Todd Kageals Roanoke VA USA 1987   Black 225.5K miles 4/02 New engine @ 155K miles
JM1FC3325H0506497 Totalled/parted
- Kevin Landers
Morristown TN USA 1987   Red 158K miles 4/02 Rotary Resurrection
  (Chris Brown) Niagra Falls Ontario CAN 1987 08/86 Black 175k kms 4/05 Sold to new owner
JM1FC332XH0510044 Dan Duke Modesto CA USA 1987 08/86 Black 92.7K miles 11/99 Fresh out of storage
JM1FC3328H0510835 Wreck
Seattle WA USA 1987   Purple 98K miles 8/02 3rd and final time
JM1FC3327H0511314 Curtis Chaney Los Angeles CA USA 1987 08/86 Gold Metallic 137.7K miles 1/05  
JM1FC3327H0511538 Gene Wollen Volcano CA USA 1987 08/86 Silver 201K miles 4/07  
JM1FC3323H0511911 Jason Russell Burlington VT USA 1987 08/86 White 167K miles 6/02  
JM1FC3327H0512608 Wreck
(Andrew Weaver)
Rogers AR USA 1987 09/86 Black 181K miles 8/99 heavy front damage
  Joseph Esposito Rockland County NY USA 1987 09/86 Integra Purple 155K miles 5/02 40K on new motor
JM1FC3324H0514221 (Sold by
John P Vitamvas)
Milwaukee WI USA 1987 10/86 Black 122.5K miles 7/99 Sold early 2000
JM1FC3323H0515554 Eric Selzle Jackson NJ USA 1987 09/86 Black 161K miles 5/06 Middle of complete rebuild
JM1FC3327H0521535 Louis Papineau Wallingford CT USA 1987 10/86 Red 171K miles 7/99 New motor 115K miles 10/96
JM1FC3323H0522200 Mike Coburn Reston VA USA 1987 11/86 Brilliant Black 121K miles 8/01 Resurrected! 3/02
JM1FC3324H0522934 Peter Gabriel Dix Hills NY USA 1987   Black 87K miles 5/01  
JM1FC3327H0523835 Wreck
(Dale Clark)
Pensacola FL USA 1987 11/86 Red   T-boned by drunk driver
JM1FC3326H0524913 Dave Ibelle, Jr. Fitzwilliam NH USA 1987 11/86 Black 67K miles 4/05 Converted into 1988 GXL
JM1FC3329H0526025 Mark Aichner Oneida NY USA 1987 12/86 Red    
JM1FC3326H0526113 Edward Baliton Voorhees NJ USA 1987   Black 117K miles 8/99 Japanese motor
JM1FC3328H0526520 Darrin Strunk Toledo OH USA 1987 12/86 Black 52.5K miles 8/05 Lots of aftermarket
JM1FC3321H0528335 Tim Fulton Orlando FL USA 1987        
JM1FC332XH0528432 Ken Adams Atlanta GA USA 1987   Red 72.5K miles 7/02 Bone stock
JM1FC3322H0531194 Zack Montgomery Belleview FL USA 1987 01/87 Black 82K miles 2/05  
JM1FC3323H0533150 John Vitamvas Columbia MD USA 1987 01/87 Chaste White 75K miles 01/13  
JM1FC3325H0537765 Jeff Dahms Calgary Alberta CAN 1987   Silver 214K kms 2/03  
JM1FC3324H0539457 Jim Butts San Antonio TX USA 1987 03/87 Sunrise Red 140K miles 4/05 Factory stock
JM1FC3324H0540902 Jason Pedde Denver CO USA 1987   Black 110K miles 11/99 '88 body pieces
JM1FC3323H0542656 Reese LeBlanc Columbia SC USA 1987 10/86 White 69.5K miles 1/01  
JM1FC3324H0544187 Randy Castillo San Diego CA USA 1987 04/87 Purple/
149K miles 2/02  
JM1FC3314H0545010 Jon Bixby Johnson City NY USA 1987 04/87 Metallic Maroon 128K miles 9/10 Turbo'd 6-port
JM1FC3327H0547312 Troy Schlake Somerset KY USA 1987   Black 148K miles 7/99  
FC3S-121531 Gary Mounsey Townsville Queensland AUS 1988   White/
green pearl
88K kms 9/99  
JM1FC3510J0107443 Marc Anderkin Lillian AL USA 1988   Red   Turbo conversion -
  Charles Broadfoot Seattle area WA USA 1988   Black 117K miles 11/99  
JM1FC3328J0600105 Derek Western Conway SC USA 1988 07/87 Red 144K miles 3/04 Original engine!
JM1FC3321J0600382 Jim Lenoir Tampa FL USA 1988 07/87 Black 120K miles 3/01  
JM1FC332XJ0601014 Michael Brunt Halifax Nova Scotia CAN 1988 07/87 Red 220K kms 3/11  
JM1FC3321J0601404 Ryan Little Duncan B.C. CAN 1988 07/87 Black 53K kms 6/02  
JM1FC3323J0602974 Paul Ko Sacramento CA USA 1988 07/87 White   20B
JM1FC3322J0603002 Robert Ames Panama City FL USA 1988   Black 135K miles 8/02  
JM1FC3320J0606674 Brandon Hysell Daphne AL USA 1988   Black 160K miles 3/06 500 miles on Kevin Landers rebuild
JM1FC3320J0608280 Keith Quaine Upper Marlboro MD USA 1988 08/87 Black 129K miles 3/04 New motor
JM1FC3320J0609123 Bruce Henrichs Auburn CA USA 1988 08/87 Black 154K miles 10/11  
JM1FC3323J0612128 Mike Stocklin Belmont CA USA 1988 09/87 White 161K miles 2/02 20B
  Adnan Khan Fort Worth TX USA 1988 11/87 Red 110K miles 7/99  
JM1FC3324J0614616 Totalled/parted
(Kevin Landers)
Morristown TN USA 1988   Black 99K miles 4/02 Rotary Resurrection
JM1FC3326J0615444 Guiness O. Bloomington IN USA 1988 10/87 Black 114K miles 7/07 Bridge Port
JM1FC3327J0615551 Scott Durbin Harper Woods MI USA 1988 10/87 Brilliant Black 62K miles 9/06 3rd owner
JM1FC3328J0615817 Paul Rajchel Fort Wayne IN USA 1988   Black 102K miles 8/99 Rebuilt motor @ 100K miles
JM1FC3321J0616095 Bill Setter Strongsville OH USA 1988   Black 114K miles 1/04 New engine 800 miles ago
JM1FC3321J0617201 Nathan Wecker Omaha NE USA 1988 11/87 Black 107K miles 10/02  
JM1FC3320J0618128 Mark S. Jagneaux Ramstein AFB Rheinland
GER 1988   Red 130K miles 7/99 New motor @ 100K
JM1FC3327J0619003 Jeff Bales Tucson AZ USA 1988 12/87 Black 71K miles 7/99 T4 turbo + FMIC
JM1FC3321J0621815 Dave Haikes Scranton PA USA 1988 02/88 White 73.5k miles 10/03 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3323J0622318 Kris Pippin Kansas City KS USA 1988   White   10th Anniversary
JM1FC3325J0622336 Patrick Walter Edmonton Alberta Canada 1988   White 170K kms 03/16 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3327J0622354 Steve Cappelli Marietta GA USA 1988 03/88 White 75K miles 11/99 10th Anniversary
622359   Bryan Hagelskamp Indianapolis IN USA 1988 03/88 White 44K miles 10/03 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3326J0622362 Justin Davis Palmdale CA USA 1988 03/88 White 160K miles 2/04 10th Anniversary
FC3S-0622371   Matt Pimentel Middletown RI USA 1988 03/88 White 110K miles 10/06 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3321J0622446 Dave Malkan Grand Blanc MI USA 1988   White 130K miles 9/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3328J0622475 Justin Jacobs Mesa
AZ USA 1988 03/88 White/
blue pearl
175K miles 7/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3321J0622477 Michael Casavant Greer SC USA 1988 03/88 White 107K miles 4/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3323J0622481 Daniel Salive Windsor Ontario CAN 1988   White 87.5K kmss 1/03 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3320J0622566 Richard DeWitt Overland Park KS USA 1988 03/88 White 159K miles 2/03 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3326J0622572 Casey Martin Des Moines IA USA 1988   White 116.5K miles 6/04 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3329J0622632 Junkyard
-reported by Will V.
Denver CO USA 1988 03/88 White   10th Anniversary
JM1FC3321J0622656 Blake O'Brien Fredericton New
CAN 1988   White 197K kms 4/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3325J0622658 Barrett Smith Garner NC USA 1988 03/88 White 50K miles 8/05 10th Anniversary
  V8 conversion
JM1FC3321J0622711 Conrad J. Koch Nashua NH USA 1988   White 108K miles 11/00 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3328J0622718 Grey Nichols Birmingham AL USA 1988 03/88 White 121.6K miles 3/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3327J0622726 Ron McCall Springfield MO USA 1988 04/88 White 133K miles 7/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3320J0622793 Michael Vice Roswell GA USA 1988 03/88 White 147.1K miles 3/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3321J0622799 Dale Clark Pensacola FL USA 1988   White   10th Anniversary
JM1FC3320J0622843 Daniel Cantrell Johnson City TN USA 1988 03/88 White 173K miles 1/04 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3324J0622859 Blake Chilson Shelton CT USA 1988 03/88 White 64.3K miles 2/02 10th Anniversary
622892   BIGNICK St. Louis MO USA 1988   White 206K miles 11/06 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3329J0622985 Kevin Macdermott Edmonton Alberta CAN 1988   White 138K kms 7/05 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3321J0623001 Bruce Lewis Birmingham AL USA 1988 03/88 White 75K miles 8/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3328J0623030 Thomas Kellum Wilmington NC USA 1988 03/88 White 75.1K miles 2/06 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3323J0623047 Patrick Leroux Montreal Quebec CAN 1988 03/88 White 104.5K kms 9/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3320J0623104 Scott Neville St. Petersburg FL USA 1988 03/88 Emerald Green 157.6K miles 2/00 10th Anniversary
623133   Jon Jordan Houston TX USA 1988 03/88 White 128K miles 4/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3329J0623134 Jet Acevedo Philadelphia PA USA 1988   White 185K miles 9/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3329J0623165 Joe Romeo Alta Loma CA USA 1988 03/88 White 105K miles 8/00 10th Anniversary
623170   Scott May Blue Springs MO USA 1988 03/88 White 110K miles 3/01 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3323J0623176 Jason Minchin Grande Prairie Alberta CAN 1988 03/88 White 207K kms 8/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3322J0623217 Gerry Armitage Whitby Ontario CAN 1988 03/88 White 190K kms 8/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3328J0623271 Damon Manchester Athens MI USA 1988 03/88 White 202K kms 01/18 10th Anniversary
  Originally from Canada
23330    Jamie Finney Mooresville NC USA 1988   White 143K miles 5/05 10th Anniversary
JM1FC332XJ0623336 Michael Lindsey Indianapolis IN USA 1988 03/88 White 17.1K miles 6/04 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3323J0623341 John Vaughn Kress TX USA 1988 03/88 White 62.5K miles 9/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3323J0623355 Chris Da Roza Vancouver B.C. CAN 1988   White 180K kms 2/07 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3322J0623444 Chuck Brock Hudson OH USA 1988   White 43K miles 2/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3326J0623463 Will Vasser College Station TX USA 1988 03/88 White 112K miles 7/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3329J0623490 Dave Jones Vermillion OH USA 1988 03/88 Crystal White (UC) 96K miles 11/06 10th Anniversary
0623546    Aleksandar Milicevic Hinsdale IL USA 1988 03/88 White 74K miles 06/15 10th Anniversary
JM1FC332XJ0623563 Adam J. Love Normal IL USA 1988 03/88 Crystal White (UC) 91K miles 10/07 10th Anniversary
JM1FC332XJ0623594 Chev Mack Calgary Alberta CAN 1988 03/88 White 124K kms 5/05 10th Anniversary
  Drew   IN USA 1988 03/88 White 70K miles 11/06 10th Anniversary
LS1 / T56 swap
JM1FC3325J0623664 Chris Roth Tuscon AZ USA 1988 03/88 White 122K miles 4/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC332XJ0623675 Julie Wade La Mesa CA USA 1988 03/88 White 90K miles 10/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3327J0623682 Mark Mildice Rohnert Park CA USA 1988 03/88 White 88.6K miles 3/04 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3327J0623715 Wrecked/sold/stripped
(Bo Stout)
Vancouver WA USA 1988 03/88 White 140K miles 8/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3327J0623729 George Ladwig Diamond Bar CA USA 1988 03/88 White 110K miles 7/99 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3325J0623793 Brian Comendador Los Angeles CA USA 1988   White 117K miles 9/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3321J0623810 Wrecked/sold/stripped
(Michael Comendador)
Los Angeles CA USA 1988 03/88 White 97K miles 1/01 10th Anniversary
JM1FC            623869 Roth Chan Long Beach CA USA 1988 03/88 Pearl Blue Mica 174K miles 6/11 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3321J0623886 Daniel Blake Superior WI USA 1988 03/88 White 137K miles 11/05 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3326J0623902 CJ Mirabal Orlando FL USA 1988   White 144K miles 6/12 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3323J0623923 Will "BJ" Chin-Lee San Diego CA USA 1988 03/88 White 106K miles 10/04 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3322J0624013 Chris Ng Calgary Alberta CAN 1988 03/88 White 162K kms 4/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3329J0624042 Jim Brewer Pierre SD USA 1988 03/88 White 30K miles 9/08 10th Anniversary
  Neal A.E. Swigert Greenville MI USA 1988 03/88 White 132K miles 8/00 10th Anniversary
  Jon Howe Castro Valley CA USA 1988 03/88 White 83K miles 6/02 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3325J0624054 David Preece San Francisco CA USA 1988 04/88 White 127.5K miles 10/98 10th Anniversary
  20B Project
JM1FC3328J0624078 Jarrett May Tucson AZ USA 1988 03/88 White 66K miles 2/03 10th Anniversary
JM1FC3326J0624130 Griffin Lehy Antioch CA USA 1988 03/88 White 120K miles 2/11 10th Anniversary
  Corey A. Long Shillington PA USA 1988 04/88 Black 140.5K miles 12/08 Original engine and turbo
JM1FC3315J0625468 Jim Lenoir Tampa FL USA 1988   Black 146K miles 3/01 SE model - 20B
JM1FC3320J0626438 Keith Huston Boca Raton FL USA 1988 07/88 Black 91K miles 9/99  
JM1FC3324J0626703 Jaime Solivan Miami FL USA 1988   Orange/Red 110K miles 2/02  
JM1FC3321J0627694 Jonathan Oakley Centerville TX USA 1988 07/88 Noble White (WY) 273.3K miles 11/10  
JM1FC3314J0628524 Jeff Pittman Miami FL USA 1988     215K miles 6/06 Turbo conversion
JM1FC3326J0628601 Anthony Hyatt Birmingham AL USA 1988 08/88 White 150.6K miles 4/02  
JM1FC3322J0630510 William E. Jenkins Mountain Home ID USA 1988 09/88 Red 156K miles 5/02 Blown motor
JM1FC3327J0632057 Dave Collier Stuart FL USA 1988 10/88 Red 91K miles 2/12  
JM1FC3511J0105359 Andrew Goldschmidt Chandler
AZ USA 1988   Red 124K miles 7/99 Turbo conversion -
JM1FC3516J0102926 Louis Herndon Reston VA USA 1988   Metallic silver 119.7K miles 8/05 Turbo conversion -
FC3C-101499 Rafael G Tampa FL USA 1989   Black 85K kms 03/17 JDM RHD Convertible
JM1FC3329K0700053 Steve Figus Redmond WA USA 1989 12/88 Black 113K miles 07/02  
JM1FC3331K0700430 Marlin & Ivan Langeveldt Oshawa Ontario CAN 1989   White   20B
JM1FC3327K0700942 Alan Zubatch Austin TX USA 1989 01/89 Blaze Red 120K miles 9/02 Seized engine - rebuilding
JM1FC3324K0700977 Brandon Matthews Tallahassee FL USA 1989 01/89 White 90K miles 2/02 "Dead stock"
JM1FC3328K0701050 Chris Ottinger Knoxville TN USA 1989   Black 87K miles 7/99 T04E-H3 turbo
JM1FC3320K0701088 Chad Carson   TN USA 1989 01/89 Black 119(?) miles 02/05 "Car is in Rotary Heaven"
JM1FC3321K0701200 Peter Morel Eatontown NJ USA 1989 01/89 Black 106.8K miles 4/02 Rebuilt engine 89.9K miles
JM1FC3325K0701586 Jameson Huckaba Lenexa KS USA 1989 01/89 White 107K miles 9/02 Back from the dead
JM1FC332XK0701874 Joerg Rudloff Gifhorn Niedersachsen GER 1989 07/89 Black 72.5K miles 10/99  
JM1FC3320K0702421 David Preece San Francisco CA USA 1989   Red 104.1K miles 2/01 Salvage title restoration
JM1FC3324K0702518 Santiago Laredo TX USA 1989 02/89 White 127.1K miles 3/04 Blown motor
JM1FC3325K0702821 Seth Wilson Belmont CA USA 1989   Black 212K miles 4/02 Cosmo 13B-RE twin-turbo
JM1FC3324K0702860 Seth Wilson Belmont CA USA 1989 02/89 Competition
Yellow Mica
200K miles 4/02  
JM1FC3328K0703039 Victor Bencosme Orlando FL USA 1989   Black 138.9K miles 3/02  
JM1FC3326K0704187 Mike Cochran Destin FL USA 1989   White 138K miles 7/06 AP Engineering PFC
JM1FC3343K0704214 Matt Cleary   Newfoundland CAN 1989   Black 142K kms 3/02 Haltech
JM1FC3321K0704291 Michael Holland Columbus OH USA 1989   Blaze Red 67K miles 3/02  
JM1FC332XK0704435 Jay Kim San Jose CA USA 1989   White 111K miles 4/01 Tripoint widebody kit
JM1FC3324K0704754 Gavin St. George Denver CO USA 1989 Blaze Red 88K miles 02/14  
JM1FC3328K0705762 Jonathan Voskinarian Lake Hiawatha NJ USA 1989 04/89 Black 102K miles 2/02  
JM1FC3343K0705766 Scott Mackenzie Vancouver BC CAN 1989 04/89 Red 143K kms 11/00  
JM1FC332XK0706072 Earnest Williams Travis AFB, Solano CA USA 1989 04/89 White 109K miles 4/02  
JM1FC3320K0706131 Jeremy Ferber Encinitas CA USA 1989 04/89 Red 92K miles 5/02 "Built to the teeth"
JM1FC3348K0706301 Matthew Paterson Wetaskiwin Alberta CAN 1989   Red 254K kms 7/99 Original turbo & motor!
JM1FC3320K0708204 Everett Kamlley Union City CA USA 1989 06/89 Blaze Red 130K miles 3/02  
FC3S-205095 Andrew Fox Brisbane QLD AUS     Blue Metallic 82K kms 3/02 Current wreck
FC3S-205699 Sam Stephens Auckland North Island NZ 1989   Metallic Blue 150K kms 2/06  
JMZFC133200200062 A Cunningham     UK 1989   Red 80K kms 9/07  
JM1FC3343L0800720 Adrian Mitchell Vancouver B.C. CAN 1990 07/89 White 111K kms 11/00  
JM1FC3324L0800840 Keith Borror San Diego CA USA 1990 07/89 White 203K miles 7/07  
JM1FC3321L0803503 Kenny Lew San Francisco CA USA 1990   White/Blue 100K miles 9/99 Halsmersport LE
JM1FC3329L0804138 Matt DeMinico Sterling Heights MI USA 1990   White 140K miles 12/02 2nd engine
JM1FC3320L0804190 Junked
(Carmon Colvin)
Birmingham AL USA 1990   White 80K miles Doner car for turbo vert
JM1FC3323L0804541 Scott King Pensacola FL USA 1990 11/89 Vintage Red 92K miles 12/99  
JM1FC3325L0804900 Wreck
(Mark Smith)
Brick NJ USA 1990 10/89 Blaze Red 72K miles 8/02  
JM1FC3329L0805435 Andrew Weaver Rogers AR USA 1990 12/89 Black 64K miles 8/99  
JM1FC3326L0805912 Jeremy Cox North East MD USA 1990 01/90 Blaze Red 135K miles 12/06  
JM1FC3322L0806197 Greg Hatchette Sterling VA USA 1990   Black 107K miles 4/02 New engine 25K miles
  Khris Yodichkas Upper Marlboro MD USA 1990 02/90 Blaze Red 227.6K miles 4/02 Banzai Racing
(Sky Pryne)
Honolulu HI USA 1990   Metallic white 102K miles 4/02  
  Jeffrey Reynish Prince Albert Saskatchewan CAN 1990 02/90 Black 185K miles 9/02 New engine, T04 turbo
JM1FC3326M0900813 Gladwyn Lopez Teaneck NJ USA 1991 10/91 Brave Blue 68K miles 9/02 Original owner!
  James Siros Laredo TX USA 1991   White 92K miles 3/04 4th owner
JM1FC3326M0902418 Takeo Sonoi Aiken SC USA 1991 10/90 Crystal White (UC) 82.4K miles 7/99 RP motor @ 77K miles
JM1FC3329M0902989 Erik Klemm Blacksburg VA USA 1991 10/90 Blaze Red 71K miles 3/02  
JM1FC3320M0903531 Jeffrey M Felton Olympia WA USA 1991 11/90 Red 60K miles 9/99  
JM1FC3326M0903744 Sid Levet New Orleans LA USA 1991 11/90 Brilliant Black 89.5K miles 8/99  
JM1FC3320M0905196 Cheng-Yu Sunny Chang Jericho NY USA 1991 12/90 Black 73.6K miles 11/99  
JM1FC3344M0906787 Albert Li Richmond BC CAN 1991 02/91 Red 152K kms 4/02  
FC3S237900 Mathieu Benoit Montreal Quebec CAN 1991   Red 151K kms 12/07 GTX
FC3S-243304 Bill Honda Yokohama   JPN 1991 05/91 Blaze Red 80K kms 4/02 GT-Limited Special Edition
FC3S-245739 Wreck
(Bill Honda)
Yokohama   JPN 1991 07/91 Black 83K kms 4/01 GT-Limited
FC3S-245770 Ian Domingo Sunabe Okinawa JPN 1991   Blaze Red 140K kms 10/14  
VIN Owner City State Country Year Build
Color Mileage (dated) Notes

To find your "build date", North American models have a door jamb plate on the driver's side.
On that plate is your VIN and your build date - MM/YY.
ALL 1988 "10th Anniversary" (U.S.) models should have last 6 digits of VIN's...
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Special thanx to Josh_Ross@computrition.com this information!
All information is voluntary!
There have been some concerns about protecting VIN's - I have no problem with-holding any information you are not comfortable with.  I would like to get at least the Build Date if you keep your VIN private to give me a good idea where I should "slot" your entry.
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