Q:  What is the difference between the Zenki versus Kouki 13BT engines?
We'll try to run down the difference between the 1986 - 1988 Zenki FC3S Turbo 13BT versus the 1989 - 1991 Kouki FC3S Turbo 13BT engines. [MORE]

Q:  What is the difference between the Zenki and Kouki FC3S turbo upper intake manifolds?
The Kouki FC3S turbo upper intake manifold is significantly taller than the Zenki FC3S turbo upper intake manifold when placed side-by-side. [MORE]

Q:  How do I break-in my new / rebuilt engine?
Proper break-in procedures for your new / rebuilt 13B engine will help performance and longevity for your new engine.  A proper break-in will prevent premature seal and engine failure and will maximize the performance of your expensive investment. [MORE]

Q:  How do I do a compression check on my engine?
A compression check is a quick and easy method to check the condition of the internals of the rotary engine.  The compression check requires a compression tester or a pressure gauge that goes up to at least 150psi. [MORE]

Q:  Can I use synthetic oils in my engine?
The use of synthetic motor oil inside a rotary engine is one of the most debated topics since the birth of the rotary engine itself.  Mazda's version of the rotary engine requires internal lubrication; Mazda engineers designed an oil injection system (and pump) that injects engine oil into the combustion chambers to fullfill this requirement for its need for internal lubrication.  It is this fact that triggers the debate on synthetic oils. [MORE]

Q:  Can I swap in an FD3S 13B-REW twin-turbo into my FC3S?
Please visit our Engine Swap Conversion section here:  http://fc3spro.com/TECH/SWAP/swap.html

Q:  Can I swap in a Cosmo 20B-REW twin-turbo into my FC3S?
Please visit our Engine Swap Conversion section here:  http://fc3spro.com/TECH/SWAP/swap.html

Q:  What is the 3,800 RPM hesitation problem?  How do I fix it?
Many FC's are affected by this hesitation problem.  It could be as minor as a slight hiccup under acceleration to a violent bucking right under 4,000 RPM.  Many times, the hesitation problem is not consistent, which makes troubleshooting very hard. [MORE]

Q:  What is detonation?  What does detonation sound like in a rotary engine?
Detonation is defined by any uncontrolled ignition of the combustion charge, usually due to pre-ignition, uncontrolled timing, and/or lower than acceptable fuel octane.  The words "detonation" and "pre-ignition" usually go hand-in-hand. [MORE]


Q:  Why is my FC bucking under boost?  What is overboost fuel-cut?  What is a Fuel-Cut Defensor (FCD)?
The FC3S stock ECU is programmed with an overboost fuel-cut that cuts fuel only to the rear rotor.  The overboost fuel-cut will trigger approximately 1psi over the stock boost levels. [MORE]

Q:  What is boost creep?  Why can't I use a boost controller to control boost creep or lower boost?
In a perfect world, the wastegate should always control the amount of boost the turbo can produce. No matter what the set-up is, when the wastegate is set for 10psi, it should give you 10psi. In reality, when the turbine section is overrun, boost creep rears it's ugly head. [MORE]

Fuel System

Q:  What's a "pulsation damper"?  Why do I smell fuel everytime the engine is running?  What caused my engine fire???
9 times out of 10, the pulsation damper is the culprit on these fuel leaks which can turn into expensive engine fires.  1986-1988 Zenki FC3S models seem to be more prone to these pulsation damper failures versus the newer 1989-1991 Kouki FC3S models. [MORE]

Q:  What is pre-mix/pre-mixing?
The rotary engine normally uses engine motor oil injected into the combustion chambers for internal lubrication of the rotor housings and the rotor seals.  Engine motor oil is not designed for this purpose.  Pre-mixing (through the fuel injection system) allows for a superior method of internal lubrication, both in design of the pre-mix itself and in its delivery to the combustion chambers. [MORE]


Q:  My ECU has an N3xx number on it - what kind of ECU is it?
The FC3S ECU's have an N3xx part number on the sticker.  This chart will allow you to tell where the ECU came from. [MORE]

Suspension / Steering / Wheels

Q:  Can I fit 1993 - 1995 RX-7 rims on my FC3S?
One of the the most common questions asked about rims is if FD3S rims can fit on an FC3S? The stock FD rims are very light for it's size and relatively cheap on the used parts market. They are a nice 5-spoke, star design. [MORE]

General / Miscellaneous

Q:  How do I do a basic tune-up?
Many of these cars are getting old, and many are changing owners.  Questionable service histories would automatically warrant a basic tune-up.  We're going to cover what a basic tune-up entails. [MORE]

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