Front eccentric shaft oil thermo pellet bypass shim - thermowax pellet located in the front of the eccentric shaft bolt can fail and bypass oil to the rotor bearings!  This thermowax pellet system is supposed to help oil temperatures heat up quickly upon cold-start to enhance cold-start emissions.  By shimming the stock oil pellet, it allows oil pressure to reach the rotor bearings at all times.  Failure of the oil thermowax pellet can decrease important oil pressure!
    This is a preventative maintenance tip.

    Throttle body mod for the FC3S Turbo - by removing one set of the double throttle plates in the secondaries of the throttle body, it allows more potential airflow at high RPMS and boost.  The down-side is that at low RPM's (under 4kRPM), you have the potential to cause hesitations due to abrupt throttle changes due to the the throttle plates snapping suddenly open.
    This is a performance modification.

Engine Electrical


    CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) install - i.e. MSD/Crane Cams HI-6 - installation of a CDI box significantly increases performance of any FC3S.  Addition of a Crane Cams HI-6 or MSD 6A gives you a more consistent spark, resulting in better idling, smoother power delivery and top end, and possibly better gas mileage!
    This is a performance modification.


Miscellaneous electronics

    Wiper Cluster Switch Fix - originally written by Tal Dayan for the TeamFC3S.ORG site, I've mirrored the write-up here.  Instructions are to fix problematic wiper controls due to failing relays within the switch cluster itself.
    This is a preventive maintenance tip.

    Rebuild Power Window System - Clean and reinsall your stock power window system.  Crud and lack of lubrication can hinder efficient power window operation.  We even modify the original guide tube and replace with a longer unit to help protect the system even more!
    This is a preventive maintenance tip.

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