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  • This tech sections covers most technical questions/answers for the FC3S.  Sections are broken down as decribed below.  Please click links to the left!

    FAQ's "Frequently Asked Questions" are answered here!  This is a good section for newbies, as many common questions are addressed here.
    How To Buy Your FC3S Turbo Extensive write-up on what to look for when purchasing an FC3S Turbo.  Pages covers a lot of trouble areas on the FC.
    How-To's Do-It-Yourself section that covers fixes and modifications for your FC3S.  How-To's cover both maintenance adjustments and component installations & mods.
    Mods This section covers modifications that are available to you as an FC3S owner.  Popular aftermarket, bolt-on mods are covered as well as some Do-It-Yourself mods that will increase performance and driveability.
    Problems This section covers common problems that afflict the FC3S.  Solutions and fixes are included where possible.  Another good newbies section...
    Engine Swaps Information regarding some of the more popular engine swap conversion.  Current list includes the Cosmo 20B 3 rotor, FD3S 13B-REW
    Parts Weights A listing of weights of stock and aftermarket parts.  All weights measured on a certified scale - no bathroom scales!
    From Mild to Wild Guidelines for both engine/power and suspension upgrades!
    Porting Description of different rotary engine porting types
    Redline Oils Description on popular Redline synthetics fluids, oils, and chemicals for the FC3S
    Track Prep I made this list to keep track of things we needed for track events, but it might come in handy for those prepping for similar events.  Enjoy!
    Hall of Failures Check out some catastrophic rotary engine failures here!  This is how rotary engines die a painful death...
    Tricks 'N Tips Some of the helpful mods for your FC3S turbo.
    Drifting the FC3S Competitive drifting for the FC3S
    Rebuild Tech Thinking about rebuilding your engine?
    Turbo Tech Turbocharger application

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