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  •   Welcome to the FC3S Pro website!

    This website is primarily for information regarding the 1986-1991 2nd generation Mazda RX-7 Turbo.  I do raw HTML as a hobby and wanted to use it for something useful.  This is a combination of both my hobbies for the FC3S and HTML - enjoy!

    There is a lot of nomenclature used throughout this site, such as "Zenki" = 1986-1988 FC's and "Kouki" = 1989-1991 FC's.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the words, the link is here:  http://fc3spro.com/abb.html, or click the Site Map button (in the upper right hand corner of most pages) for the same link

    FC3S Pro has one of the most extensive Tech Sections available online for your FC3S Turbo!

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    FC3S Pro offers custom parts and services for your FC3S in our Online Catalog!

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    We are the OLDEST FC3S Turbo Registry on the web!

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